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Trans Planetarium
Phillip Knox, author
A divine power saves a transgender woman on the verge of death from her suicide attempt and helps guide her on a journey of self-acceptance that challenges her to face her inner demons.
Lawerence Hults II

+Flip Knox was kind enough to give me an advanced digital copy of his  new comicTrans*Planetarium. This book begins to explore the gut-wrenchingly painful life state of a young transsexual woman named Alice, who we meet her at what may well be the end of that life.

While the title is a bit rough around the edges and from a young indie team, it shows a great promise and steers clear of a lot of tropes such as magical fix-alls and happy endings that it easily could have gone for with such an ambitious launch concept; building a compelling emotional narrative in just a few pages with succulent coulors and dreamy imagery. I highly recommend it, not just for people with different sexualities, but for anyone who's different on the inside in a world that demands lockstep conformity in values and appearances.

Myra Hissami (internet celebrity)

Check out this brilliant comic book -Trans Planetarium by Flip Knox! Only for the open-minded, the eccentric, the creative freaks, and the select few hungry for some beautifully messed up reading and mind boggling artwork!Escape reality and enter a new realm where social norms are nonexistent. Expand and entrance yourself in an unforgettable, short-lived, alternate reality for only $1.99!