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Transcending Depression
Larry Godwin, author
The author's personal narrative represents the chronology of his mental illness over a span of 49 years, as well as his attempts to understand it and cope with it. Selected entries from his journals constitute the source and follow an authentic progression over time. In them, he relates insights about the origin of his disorder. He also describes thoughts and feelings that arose and his reactions to events that took place at various times, as influenced, for better or worse, by psychiatric medications and supplements. The primary motivation for presenting his history is to encourage others who grapple with either chronic depression or occasional bouts. He hopes his journey resonates with some, validates feelings, and sparks the thoughts "I'm not alone" and "I will feel better." This book can also help family members and friends of the mentally ill find compassion and enable them to understand the struggle. It could, as well, benefit those who care for the depressed, and interest the curious and the voyeur. The author's goal is to save lives.
Allan V. Horwitz, author of Creating Mental Illness and Anxiety: A Short History

“Larry Godwin's Transcending Depression provides a searing and honest self-examination of the ravages of major depressive disorder. Spanning a 49-year range, it portrays the intrapsychic and interpersonal conflicts that accompany this condition. Transcending Depression also recounts Godwin's experiences with 36 different psychotropic drugs, many therapists, and numerous psychiatrists over this long period. It is highly recommended for anyone trying to understand the internal struggles that this relentless yet engrossing condition features.”  

Coral Beck, Licensed Clinical Social Worker

“Godwin shares one man's walk with lifelong depression.  He offers intimate details of his journey of pain, hope, and treatment.  His struggle toward understanding, accepting, and coping is exhausting at times and always persevering.  At the end of the book, his Depression Survival Guide and Chess in the Labyrinth bring to the reader concrete actions and perspectives that are a must for anyone wrestling with depression.”