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Gary Orleck
Travels with Maurice: An Outrageous Adventure in Europe, 1968
Gary Orleck, author
Find out how I, a nobody from the state of Rhode Island, was invited to travel Europe with the son of the richest man in the world at the time. We drove 19,965 miles through 12 different European countries in 10 weeks. We dined with Kings and Queens in Denmark, we gambled with the Shah of Iran in Monte Carlo, we had high tea with her Imperial Highness of Iran Princess Farah in Paris, we were rescued out of handcuffs by Shirley Temple Black during the Russian Invasion of Czechoslovakia, and Brigitte Bardot - The sexiest women in the world at the time - "Would you please dance with me? And that does not even scratch the surface of this mind-blowing adventure of 10 lifetimes that took me an additional ten years just to process. How did my companion turn a ship around in the middle of the ocean just because we missed its departure? Within 8 hours of sending his dad to Iran, how did 30-$100 bills get hand-delivered to our hotel room in Switzerland even though no banks or wiring offices were open? After being told by the telephone company in Nice, France, to put my call through to the USA, how did my companion from the first payphone have me talking to my dad in the USA in 30 seconds flat? How did Israel in 1948 get the oil needed to survive when no country in the world could or would sell the oil? Is it true that his father had permission from the Israeli government to build an entire city in Israel to move the total Jewish population from Tehran, Iran, to Israel at his own expense? I was one of only eight people in the world who knew about this history-changing plan as I saw the actual blueprint of the city, which cost more than I would earn in my lifetime. Wait till you hear of the story of the 100 suitcases or the one about the prisoner who returned voluntarily to Dachow, a German concentration camp after escaping and being free. If "Nothing Boggles the Mind of Simple Men like The Truth, " I promise that you will be glad that you read it because as you do, you will come to realize it must be true because nobody could make this story up."