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Treaded On Me!
It’s the Battle of Squires that topples the first domino of American unity. A shootout between the Squires family and cattle rustlers leaves honest Americans dead. News of a government cover-up sparks outrage in the heartland. Texas cuts ties with the federal government and activates its national guard. Arkansas joins, and Oklahoma follows suit hours later. The state citizens and militaries begin preparing for a confrontation. The battleground will be the state of Missouri. Missourian and staff sergeant Karl Karnic finds himself at the center of a conflict that strikes at the heart of American values: liberty, justice, and truth. He, along with the 138th Infantry, is forced to go on the run by a corrupt general. Meanwhile, his childhood friend Angelique has her job cut out for her as head of the Texas branch of the Department of Homeland Security. She’s been told that Karnic is a traitor to the United States, but she can’t believe that the sweet boy she remembers could betray the values he holds so dear. A high school student, a Texas Ranger, and others will join Karnic and Angelique as they fight for a freedom so many Americans take for granted.