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Treason on the Mississippi
"Treason on the Mississippi" is the first in the Alphonso Clay Civil War Mystery Series. Jack Martin designs and constructs an intricate web of events extrapolated from in-depth research of Civil War memorabilia, journals, photos, and correspondence. Although this a fictional account of the months before and the time during the Battle of 'Vicksburg, the characters and information are very much real. The John Brown depicted is not the infamous Brown who ignited the War Against the States but a former Boston detective who solved a gruesome child murder case which caught the eye of President Abraham Lincoln, appointing him to General Grants command. Brown uncovers treason at the highest levels of the Union Army. He sends for the one person who can help him with the investigation, Captain Alphonso Clay. But before Clay could meet with Brown, Brown is assassinated. Now it is up to Captain Clay to decipher Brown’s cryptic notes and follow his deductive instincts to solve the murder, unveil the traitors, and ensure the Union’s victory at Vicksburg, a decisive battle of the war. Clay is a unique character; his lineage a contaminated mesh of human and ‘other-worldly,’ giving him special gifts and talents — super-human eyesight, hearing, speed, and other abilities. With the death of the one person whom he ever loved, Arabella Lot, he puts himself in repeatedly dangerous situations, volunteering for the most horrendous assignments, hoping for death to come… and to be given the chance to kill the one responsible for Arabella’s demise.