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Sandip Saha
Trial of God
God is integral part of human life whether we believe in It or not. Even atheists cannot deny the existence of a Supreme Power that handles and run the whole universe. God is not only influencing believers it influences non-believers as well. For example when tsunami, earth quake, super cyclone or pandemic comes it does not see whether you believe in God or not. Over thousands of years different religions have been preached. Though all the religions talk about the Supreme Power in different names and ways they still fight always with each other causing genocide. This fact has propelled me to go into the details of faiths whether dualist or monist. My project deals with this very important aspect of our life that is not limited to temples, churches or mosques etc. It affects our everyday life. Different religions direct different rituals for the mass to follow. These rituals are becoming difficult to follow to its letter and spirit over times. Now- a- days many short cut are being made due to this reason. This dilution of rituals is leading to its extinction. I have delved on this aspect. My book has three chapters. The first chapter poems are all about the belief of human in monism and dualism. The second chapter is about the atrocities God impose upon us to run the creation. The idea of “God is good” fails here miserably. I have shown in this chapter how God use us as only pawns. The basic idea of my book “Trial of God” is culminated in my last chapter where my poems have given judgment what we should do about the sufferings we face to teach the God a lesson in Its own coin. The book invents in a very practical and feasible way to minimize the sufferings of life.