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Lumen Reese
Trial of the Lovebird Butcher
Lumen Reese, author
In New Haven, Connecticut, a decades-old cold case resurfaces. As charges are brought, the details grow stranger and stranger... An antiquities dealer and amateur children's magician named Edward Fox is charged with three murders dating back to the 1980's, when he should have been only a child. Fox is a wanderer and a fall-down drunk. The case's unnatural timeline combined with one alleged victim's status as a teen beauty queen set the stage for the State of Connecticut v. Fox to become the trial of the century. Maggie Stowe -insomniac, Private Investigator, dream thief- has been following Fox for months. She is a crusader for women and girls and can still hear them screaming in Fox's dreams every night. But reality has begun to blur for the exhausted Maggie. Soon she is unsure of anything except for the fact that she is a pawn in a perilous game. The trial becomes a battle of wills. A jury and a nation are asked to consider that Fox has been around and interfering with the lives of humans for a very long time: back to the Depression-era streets of Chicago, through decades with a traveling circus, and during the Selma to Montgomery marches that took place in Alabama, 1965...