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Edith Pawlicki
Trials of Fire and Rebirth
An immortal who can’t remember the past, and a god who’d do anything to forget it… An Ning wakes with no memory of her past in a male body. As the centuries pass, she masters her powers and makes a quiet life among mortals, but she keeps her fears and secrets to herself. Then a strange immortal drifts into her village, and An Ning wants to tell him everything.. Karana never wanted to be the God of Destruction, and after his family fell apart, he abandoned his mortal followers to wander the Earth. He’s happy to be free of all responsibilities - until meets An Ning, a young immortal who makes him want to stand for something… Or someone. When cultists attack their home, An Ning and Karana must brave corrupt temples and the depths of the Underworld. For only by understanding the past can they build a better future.