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Michael Boyajian
Tribe, Caregiving LGBTQ and Straight Ally Friends

Learn how a group of LGBTQ and straight allies compose a group of friends they call Tribe whereas members look after one another offering help of any kind whether it be a midnight call from someone in emotional distress or the need for a pet sitter because of an unexpected emergency hospitalization or even just socializing at barbecues, game nights, minor league baseball games or seasonal celebrations. Helping others does of course extend to those outside the group as well. It is perhaps a lifestyle model that much of the rest of our society has forgotten to follow and perhaps now after reading of the Tribe will return to because it really does in the words of former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton takes a village or if you will Tribe.

What has happened to Tribe style caring? 
“We no longer know who we are, who we were.“ - Mike Barnicle, MSNBC Morning Joe Show