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Triumphant Womanhood: God's Never "Whatever"

Today's culture shouts at us to fight for gender rights and to live for self-gratification. Question for society: How's that working for you? Much of the world's confusion and heartache can be traced to the fact that we are Biblically illiterate. Triumphant Womanhood: God’s Never “Whatever” is a fresh, empowering book that takes a seemingly dull topic – the King James Bible – and makes it enjoyable and relevant to modern life. This uplifting work of non-fiction demonstrates that scripture can – and should – be applied to every aspect of modern life including social media, bullying, marriage, divorce, purity, motherhood, academics, beauty and aging, sensuality as a career, homosexuality, painful relationships, yoga, drugs and more. With sass and class, this book for ladies ages 12 to 60 contains insight on what the Old and New Testaments say about women's identity as sustainers of our culture. Triumphant Womanhood weighs the truth found in scripture against the misguided philosophies of popular culture and points us all toward a victorious, joyful life. A portion of the proceeds from this entertaining, thought-provoking book will go to various Christian ministries including A Better Way, a place of refuge for men struggling with life-controlling addictions.