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Elizabeth Rose
Trucker Daddy
◆◆◆Trucker by trade. Daddy by inheritance.◆◆◆ Cal Reeves is used to being a loner, with only his dog, Burrito at his side as he trucks cross-country for his job. When his sister's death brings him back to his hometown of Sweetwater, Michigan, he discovers he's been named guardian to his sister's baby in her will. He is no daddy, and totally at a loss with what to do with a baby. With a shipment to deliver, he has no choice but to bring little Maggie with him as he makes his way back to Texas. Cal can't stop the baby from crying, and realizes he needs help, and fast! At the baby's daycare, he hires one of the workers as a nanny to ride along with him to take care of the baby. He doesn't even recognize Tuesday (Twiggy) Twaggard, the woman he's hired and also wronged in the past. Back in high school Twiggy was a nerdy, straight-laced, shy girl with thick glasses, braces, and mousey brown hair and eyes. This woman can't possibly be her since she is a blue-eyed, sexy blond with lots of enticing curves. Tuesday Twaggard has been infatuated with her late friend's brother, Cal Reeves ever since the time he took her to prom in high school, even if it ended up being a horrible night. She's recently discovered why the popular football player asked her in the first place, and is not happy to realize she was the brunt of a joke. She's changed over the years, and is no longer shy. She's a blond now and even wears blue contacts. Cal hires her to ride cross-country taking care of little Maggie, not even realizing it is her. She accepts for the orphaned baby's sake, but part of her secretly hopes to make him pay for what he did to her in the past. He's a proclaimed bachelor who never plans on settling down. She is a temporary nanny who has always wanted to marry and have a family of her own. A man, a woman, a baby and a dog, start off on a trip that is about to get very interesting. Will the close quarters drive them to the brink of insanity? Will it bring them closer together or push them further apart? Can bygones be forgiven and forgotten, and will they both be reminded how precious love and life really are when a harrowing event threatens to take it all away?