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Lily Sanders
Author, Contributor, Service Provider
Truth To Triumph: A Spiritual Guide to Finding Your Truth
Lily Sanders, author

Adult; Self-Help & Relationships; (Market)

Truth to Triumph: A Spiritual Guide to Finding Your Truth is the story of how she found her truth, how she forged a new relationship with her higher self and the Divine to be a beacon of love for those to follow. Her book is far more than a chronicle of her life and her transformation…it is filled with guidance, wisdom and advice for anyone who is struggling to find their way, to find peace, love, contentment and prosperity. It is steeped in insights, hard truths, gentle encouragement, inspiration, spiritual doorways, darkness-defeating honesty and authenticity. Lily wants to lift up her sisters so they may never have to just endure – they can thrive! Today, having a highly successful coaching practice in New York, and being a sought after TV and radio guest, speaker and workshop leader, Lily Sanders is transforming the lives and hearts of men, woman, and children across the nation. Lily can illuminate for you: •\tWhat to do when you’re willing to face the truth about your life, or the abusers around you •\tThe keys to love yourself unconditionally •\tHow to let go of self-blame •\tThe way to release the past and break the mold for new generational blessings •\tHow to begin forging a new relationship with yourself and the spiritual force that empowers you

"Truth to Triumph is an inspirational guide to learning how to find your inner happiness through perspective of life's never ending lessons. Don't just read it. Live by it."

"Truth to Triumph is an amazingly inspirational guide for anyone whether they are at a loss or crossroad in their life or simply just want to reach that next level. Lily Sanders intertwines both her own life's experiences and her insightful knowledge of human behavior in a captivating way that "teach us how to truly reach an inner peace with not only ourselves but also those in our lives, no matter the circumstance. This book can be read and reread many times and the reader will find more meaning and understanding about how to get to the place where we all want to be each time. A definite life changer."

"Great book, uplifting, and motivating would definitely recommend! Thank you"

"This book has been an inspiration to me what a great book Thank YOU"