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Emily Newberry
Turning Inside Out
In this book I use parts of my life story to illustrate what I believe is an important principle. That what spiritual and moral principles guide you is as important as what you say and do as you work to make the world a better place. The book invites the reader into a conversation, most importantly with themselves: •\tWhat is the outcome or impact of what I say and do? •\tAm I acting in ways that reflect the better world I hope to participate in creating, or am I acting in ways that reflect the old mindset that created the world I want to help change? •\tWhat can I do to support myself in being the change I want to see? The biggest challenges to living my values come in the midst of disagreements when I think much is at stake, or as I feel the impact of wrongs done to myself or those whom I care about. The opportunity for significant learning and growth also come at these moments. My book is an invitation to be more open to this opportunity for growth.