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Ann Diment
Turning the Tables on Burnout
Ann M Diment, author

Adult; Self-Help, Sex & Relationships, Psychology, Philosophy, Fashion; (Market)

Turning the Tables on Burnout provides the practical tips and techniques that will help you in coping with all the stress and strain of life. Through this book, Ann M. Diment shares a powerful source that you need to reclaim your energy, take control of your life, and be free from the shackles of burnout. Discover the balance in your life and shrug off all the stress away! This book is a handbook and guide for every person who has had to deal with burnout. Packed full of 'burn brighter' tips which, combined with the tools to build your own resilience toolkit and the personal experiences and stories shared, will help the reader to recognise and tackle burnout to reclaim their energy and start seeking the healing they require. In this book, you will learn: What Burnout is. The causes of burnout. What makes you more vulnerable to burning out. How to get employer and professional support. Tips and tools to build your own resilience toolkit. This is a must-read for anyone who has been experiencing burnout and trying to create a positive change in their lifestyle. In this book, you will find all the things you need to spot the signs of burnout and start taking action before it’s too late. To learn more, grab a copy now!

If you have ever felt overwhelmed with work and like the world is against you, then this book is definitely worth a read. I was diagnosed with PTSD many years ago, but personally didn't succumb to burnout until about 3 years ago. How I wish this book had been available then! It is very well researched, informative and easy to read. Sometimes I struggle with attention span but the chapters are reasonably short and each chapter is rounded off with an exercise or activity to try. Whilst the author acknowledges that everyone is different and some approaches may work better for some than others, there's a wealth of practical tips and advice, and if nothing else, the author simply makes good sense! I got through this book pretty quickly, but I'll definitely return to it in future.