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Chris Mason
Turtle Crawl
Chris Mason, author

Adult; Romance; (Market)

When her marriage implodes, Rose Summer must leave behind everything she loved: Her husband, her home, her shop, even her dog. With nowhere else to go, she returns to the only other place she ever felt happy: Key West, a bawdy tourist town at the tip of the Florida Keys. Working as a waitress in the same busy restaurant she served when she was young, her once joyful life has grown small and bleak. Then she meets Kurt, a wanderer with a tragic past of his own. Rose opens her heart to Kurt and convinces him that life could be better. These two wounded souls can find happiness again, but only if they can overcome the obstacles that life throws at them. Like a turtle on the beach, they must navigate off the rocks and take one slow, careful step at a time across the sands toward fulfillment.
Software developer turned author Mason (Mrs. Bambi Knows) expertly extols the beauty and uniqueness of Key West as a woman starting anew after her divorce discovers happiness with a carpenter. After leaving her dog, cat, and shop in Oregon following the end of her marriage, Rose Summer returns to Key West, one of her favorite spots, and finds work as a waitress. Despite lengthy shifts and sometimes difficult customers, Rose embraces her new life, made a little less lonely by her dog Hope and roommates Stevie, a budding singer, and Elena, a restaurant manager. Though wealthy restaurant patron Simon turns Rose off with his controlling nature, she is attracted to Kurt Stamper, a somewhat aloof carpenter who tragically lost both his fiancée and sister in a boating accident. But Rose continues to wonder if she and Kurt can overcome their past sorrows to find happiness again, especially when she believes he is two-timing her with another woman.

Mason’s intricate knowledge of Key West, its restaurants, beaches and popular tourist sites, shines through as he brings the charm of the island to life by clear physical descriptions. Turtle Crawl captures the location’s aura and appeal, connecting readers to its essence and emphasizing not just the natural beauty but the beauty of traditions of island life itself.

That provides an engaging backdrop for the slowly building romance between Rose and Kurt. Rose shows Kurt the most popular restaurants, beaches and festivals and advises him on why bicycling is the perfect mode of transportation as they get to know one another and disclose heart-wrenching details behind their past relationships. In a culture where stories of finding all-encompassing love often are viewed through the lens of the rich and beautiful, Mason has created a romance between two seemingly unremarkable people, whose caring for one another creates a pleasing, fast-paced love story.

Takeaway: In Key West, a divorced waitress and a carpenter feel their way toward love.

Comparable Titles: Miki Bennett’s Run Away to the Keys, Deb Rogers’s Florida Woman.

Production grades
Cover: B
Design and typography: A
Illustrations: N/A
Editing: A
Marketing copy: A

Turtle Crawl Publication Date

Turtle Crawl will be available through Ingram Spark, in the USA and worldwide, from April 14th.  Preorder now!