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Lori Hetherington
Tuscan Tales
Lori Hetherington, translator
Traditional tales from the mountains of Tuscany: skeletons and phantoms, scoundrels and saints, supernatural events and magical objects. Nonna Regina enchants her grandchildren with fantastic tales as she warms herself beside the fire in the family's ancestral home in a valley where seasons are intense, unexplained occurrences are many, and religion fuels the imagination. This collection of 19th-century fairy tales have, until now, remained unknown to English-language readers, although Italians have loved them for more than a hundred years. Perodi's stories will delight young and not-so-young readers of international folk- and fairy tales.
The Oxford Companion to Fairy Tales

"Perodi's tales are distinguished... by the juxtaposition of credible and incredible scenarios and domestic and fantastic topographies, the attraction to the dark and cruel and by the presence of bizarre and macabre figures."