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Twas the Week After Christmas
Mark Justice, author
When Abbie Price finds herself suddenly out of a job, she moves back to her home town of Juniper, Ohio, surrounded and supported by her friends and family.A series of unexplained packages pulls Abbie into a mystery that intimately touches the lives of everyone around her. With the New Year’s Nosh less than a week away, Abbie is determined to unravel the truth behind the mysterious packages and discovers herself on a journey toward acceptance, healing, and hope.
Zalewski Valerie

I bought this book expecting to find a normal cozy mystery, full of murder and mayhem! What a surprise to find a mystery, with no murder or mayhem. It's a delightful story where the mystery just serves to lead the characters of Juniper to look more deeply into their lives and find out who they really are. The characters are very likeable and the town of Juniper appears as a place in which it is good to live. It's a gentle story and leaves you with a feeling of comfort and satisfaction. I'm looking forward to the next season in the series.