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Twin Flames

Adult; Romance; (Publish)

Conjoined sisters Scarlett and Jade Jennings have survived the perils of infancy, escaped a deplorable orphanage and have lived to tell their story. Now bestselling authors, the sisters have made Las Vegas their home, only to find themselves in the centre of a gathering storm. In the eye of that gathering storm is Sebastian Cole, Vegas’ staring illusionist, who possesses supernatural powers, making him the target of diabolical ambitions. Lucifer’s Chosen need control of his power, power that he absorbed from his twin brother while in utero. Temptation is at its highest, and Scarlett is Sebastian’s weakness and he must make some incredibly hard decisions concerning his future and regarding Scarlett, especially considering his aunt’s warning to “keep all that you love away from the darkness.” As the lines between good and evil blur, Scarlett and Sebastian dive deeper in love, and the shadows that Jade has been feeding are swiftly closing in on them. As Jade and Scarlett’s sisterhood wanes, and Scarlett and Sebastian’s romance reaches a pinnacle, the three soon discover links between them that were established before they were born.

Starred Review - Powered by unforgettable characters and an impressively multi-tapestried storyline, Kobasic’s saga is wildly ambitious, featuring an epic war between God and his alter ago, reincarnation, prophecy, apocalypse, and, above all, a profoundly powerful spiritual motif.  . . In a genre where true originality is increasingly hard to find, Kobasic has written a singularly unique paranormal fantasy with singularly unique characters.  Grand-scale storytelling with an intimate feel, — this series truly is, as the author notes, “the most twisted love story ever told.” Irresistibly so.


Sisterly drama combines with a generous dosing of the supernatural in this intricate adventure for fans of urban fantasy. . . as the plot snowballs in complexity, the story takes the concept of conjoined sisters into new and strange places. . . superb pacing and regular excitement. Figures of good and evil continuously plot and pivot, creating a story that goes well beyond boy-meets–conjoined sisters. Readers seeking a love story charged with ancient magic and a remarkably novel physical predicament will not be disappointed."