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Two Sisters of Coyoacán
Lilly and Gertie Abramovitz unwittingly gave access to Ramon Mercader to plunge an ice pick into the back of Leon Trotsky's neck. Based on a true story, Two Sisters of Coyoacán brings the conflicts of the artistic, intellectual and political world of New York, Paris and Coyoacán, Mexico in the 1930’s to life. Lilly and Gertie are Jewish girls from Brooklyn whose parents, like many American Jews, supported the overthrow of the Czarist regime by the Bolsheviks in 1917. Through her college professor, Marxist Philosopher Sidney Hook, Lilly is invited to be John Dewey's assistant and accompanies him to Coyoacán for the proceedings of the Commission of Inquiry into the Charges Made Against Leon Trotsky in the Moscow Trials. Lilly remains in Coyoacán after Dewey leaves and becomes Trotsky's English secretary, while Gertie goes to Paris to assist Frida Kahlo in her exhibition and falls in love with Jacques Mornard. Two Sisters of Coyoacán follows the life of two Jewish sisters who unknowingly become entangled in a plot conceived by Stalin to eliminate a powerful enemy. What happens to these two well-meaning young women from Brooklyn when Trotsky is assassinated?