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Ulysses Featherton: A Head of Class
Amy K. Brown, author
Ulysses Odysseus Featherton may be clever and may always have the perfect comeback, but that doesn't stop him from getting bullied by his nemesis, Brayden Flanagan. Every day in seventh grade seems to be just another opportunity for Brayden to humiliate Ulysses, including the day Brayden nominates Ulysses to run against him for class president--just so that he can crush him. Ulysses doesn't think that a good sense of humor is enough to stand a chance against Brayden. Then Ulysses gets a new weapon from an unlikely source: his optometrist! With his mysterious and fantastic new ability, Ulysses can completely turn his luck around. Taking advantage of his special skill in a series of hilarious--but ultimately unfulfilling--hijinks, he eventually realizes that compassion and understanding may be the actual abilities he needs to end up victorious.