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Tanisha Jones
As tension builds between humans, fae and other supernatural entities, The Kents and Cains rally to prevent impending war. Still learning to about himself, Eli has to contend with Celeste , a burgeoning war and her former lover Elijah Cain Eli is still trying to come to grips with who he is. He’s overwhelmed about coming into his powers and trying to figure out if what he has with Celeste is real. Everything is in question. If he doesn’t make the right choice, he could be the catalyst to ending humanity.Celeste Kent Celeste and Eli are finally in a good place. She’s ready to reveal her past when her ex-boyfriend pops-up on her patio. He claims he’s there to help, but only causes strife between her and Eli.As two worlds prepare for war, can Eli and Celeste forgive old betrayals to save humanity?Unbound is book three of the Fallen series set in a world of gods and angels. It’s an erotic, action-packed story a goddess finding her humanity and a human finding his divinity during their ascent to love