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Tim Windsor
Tim Windsor, author
UNCOMMODiFiED. It's a book, and it's a workbook. It's a provocative and practical guide to STANDiNG UP & STANDiNG OUT in a crowded world. If UNCOMMODiFiED is just a book you read, you missed the point. If it is just a chat with a whiskey-drinking, cigar and pipe-smoking kind of guy, even a rather uncomfortable chat at times that will not be good enough. If it is just a candid conversation between you, me and my UNCOMMODiFiED mentors that stays on the pages of this book, that will not make any difference in your life. To be UNCOMMODiFiED, day-to-day, you must take the ideas, strategies, and examples you read and initiate positive and provocative actions that release the best version of yourself, the unique Homo sapien you are designed to be. Being run of the mill. Being ordinary. Being mundane. Not an option for me. And, as you will discover, these traits are not options for the UNCOMMODiFiED provocateurs whom you will meet on your journey with me. Along the way, you will encounter some of the people who have caught my attention over the years in both mystical and magical ways. They are inspiringly different, positively provocative, utterly unique, and outstanding in their approaches to possibilities and problems, how they lead and work, and how they live their lives. They stand apart in the best, most positive ways, in ways that can be transformational for all of us. They are beckoning all of us to NOT surrender our uniqueness and NOT give into homogeneity because they know that this surrender will ultimately and utterly infuse our veins with the anesthetizing power of sameness.
“What uncomfortable moment do you need to embrace next week?” Windsor asks deep into Uncommodified, a provocative but inviting guide to seizing one’s full uniqueness and power—and not being limited by fear, shame, or a desire to fit in. Windsor warns that it’s easy to let one’s self be “commodified,” a term he applies to “anything readily available and accessible in multiple places,” rather to take the sometimes daunting steps to stand out, to speak truths, to become unforgettable, and to “break the evil spell of sameness.” Drawing on the examples of “uncommodified” mentors who have inspired him over decades and around the world, Windsor—a coach, consultant, author, podcaster, and more—urges readers to break from conformity in work and in life and to “make a powerfully positive, unforgettable impact on others.”

Windsor writes with welcome verve, his prose continually backing up his arguments in favor of standing out. “Rage at the cage,” he writes, of the individual prisons in which our true selves may languish, “And annoy the hell out of your prison guards.” The advice is warm and frank, as Windsor acknowledges the hard work of leaving one’s comfort zone and tasks readers with taking an unflinching look at themselves, their choices, and the “untruths” that we may tell ourselves to justify not making changes, like “Just keeping your head down will get you noticed.” With persuasive power Windsor anticipates and addresses excuses that readers might muster.

Much of the book covers the traits of the “uncommodified.” They’re unconditionally accountable, never making excuses, and adept at telling the truth gently and with empathy—a quality most readers will recognize is much too rare. They’re undeniably present, don’t waste people’s time, give of themselves, and have worked to learn how to paint a persuasive picture with words. Above all, through fresh tools (like the three Rs, “Reality, Responsibility, and Response”) and probing questions, Windsor convincingly champions standing out from the crowd in a positive way.

Takeaway: Unorthodox but inspiring guide to standing out rather than being a “commodity.”

Comparable Titles: Dorie Clark’s Stand Out, Meredith Whipple Callahan’s Indispiensibe.

Production grades
Cover: B
Design and typography: A
Illustrations: A-
Editing: A-
Marketing copy: A

Brady Wilson (Thought Leader, Author, & Co-Founder of Juice Inc.)

Buy and read Uncommodified by Tim Windsor. Have a friend who is a breath of fresh air to you? Irreverent, salty, witty, outrageous, vulnerable, wise and refreshingly direct? If you do, you will love this book. If you don't - you need to get out more - but if you can't - invite this book in as a new friend. But be aware, this friend/book is a goad - not a salve, smelling salts - not perfume, the eagle who kicks you out of your cozy nest - not the mother hen who nestles you under her wings. I got mine Friday night (at Tim's amazing book launch) and finished it Sunday evening. As I turned the last page, I was already starting to miss its presence. Good news for me - all my dogeared pages, highlights and notes will remind me of my friend for weeks to come ... Brady Wilson (Thought Leader, Author, & Co-Founder of Juice Inc.)

Brenda H (Seasoned Sales Leader)

A well-written, thought-provoking book that will take you on a ride like none other and inspire you to become the unique person you once were—a must-read for all who want to develop business and personal growth and stand out amongst their peers.

JEFF MACINTYRE (Change and Disruption Embracer)

In a world full of apples, be a mango ... the UNCOMMODiFiED Podcast is in print. The message is powerful, and the book speaks to me. I've spent too many years trying to fit in and not being authentic to myself. I was too worried about what people thought or could think. I've realized what people think of me is not as important as what I think of me. I am direct and blunt. You don't need to like me, and I'm ok with that. You know the rules. I highly recommend picking up 2 copies of the book. One for you and one for someone that you think that will thrive when they become UNCOMMODIFIED. 

MATT LOCKE (VP of Sales)

Only a couple of Chapters in, but LOVING it!! If you want to read a book that will challenge you… this is it. Buckle up and get ready to ask yourself some tough questions. 


A really great read! The author does an amazing job laying out their concepts and uses well-thought-out examples to convey meaning. I enjoyed the use of personal examples to drive home intention.


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Tm Windsor, UNCOMMODiFiED book will release globally on October 13, 2023