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Hardcover Details
  • 10/2020
  • 978-1400220281
  • 232 pages
  • $24.99
kara goldin
Undaunted: Overcoming Doubts and Doubters
Kara Goldin, author
Don’t let anyone crush your dreams! Whatever you want to achieve, no matter how hard it might seem, you owe it to yourself to read this book. Undaunted will inspire you to move past your fears and defy the doubters. It doesn’t matter whether you feel confident; it matters what you actually do. Author Kara Goldin turned her unsweetened flavored water into one of the most successful beverage businesses of our time and has been named one of InStyle’s Badass 50, Fast Company’s Most Creative People in Business, Fortune’s Most Powerful Women Entrepreneurs and EY Entrepreneur of the Year for Northern California. Undaunted is a rare opportunity to gain insights and proven advice unlike anything you’ll find in the conventional business press. Kara combines real honest stories from her life with observations that might just change how you think about your own. Whether you want to get healthy, start a company, break an addiction, find a new career or just grow in life, Undaunted will inspire you to just go for it and help you find the courage to get there. As she started to achieve her goals, Kara found herself being called “fearless”, “confident” and even “unstoppable,” but nothing could be further from the truth. In Undaunted she shares real stories about her own fears and doubts, the challenges she encountered and what she did to overcome them to eventually build a great business and a life she loves. Her secret? Be Undaunted. Deal with your fears. Move forward despite uncertainty. Turn criticism into motivation. Just go for it! Setbacks will come, but Kara shows you can learn from failures and frustrations and keep advancing toward your true purpose. What if not having “the right” credentials or vast industry experience was the secret to making things happen? And what if we didn’t let our fear of failure stop us? Part autobiography, part business memoir and lots of insights on self-development, Undaunted offers inspiring stories that impart lessons that any reader can apply to their own path. While most motivational business and life books try to offer quick fixes, Undaunted focuses on long-term success, showing you how to take control of breaking down barriers and moving forward. Undaunted won’t solve your problems and challenges. You will. But it will help you see through other’s experiences that it’s possible to do so. Accept your fears, but decide to be Undaunted.
Reviews of Undaunted!

“What would you do if you weren't afraid?" I've asked myself and others that question many times. Kara Goldin didn't let fear hold her back from chasing her ambitions. Undaunted is the story of how she persisted to achieve her dream of starting a company. It's a great read for any entrepreneur looking for proof that her dream, too, can come true.”
– Sheryl Sandberg, COO of Facebook and founder of LeanIn.Org

“Undaunted is a lively account of how Kara Goldin took incredible risks and overcame huge challenges in founding Hint, which is the story of many great American businesses. She reveals how Hint water could have just been another idea that never went anywhere, if she had let her own doubts or the doubts of others be the end of the story. For anyone who has ever questioned whether it is worth taking a chance and pursuing their dreams, this is a must read.”
– Jamie Dimon, Chairman and CEO of JPMorgan Chase

“Kara’s story shows that bravery is just deciding to move forward despite your fear. That if you have the courage to change what you see as wrong, no matter how big the obstacles may be, it can be done. Whether you’re starting a business or hoping to make a change in your life, you’ll find inspiration inside Undaunted. Read it.”
– John Legend, Grammy and Academy Award-winning singer-songwriter

“Kara is inspiring all generations searching for their own passions to just go make it happen. Take risks. Stop being afraid of failure. And align what you are good at, what the world needs and what makes you happy. Read this book!”
– Sarah Friar, CEO Nextdoor, Member of the Board of Directors of Walmart & Slack & co-founder of Ladies Who Launch

“I’ve watched Kara grow Hint and show the world that it is possible to create something healthy that tastes great with love in each bottle. Kara’s work as a female leader shows women that it is possible to challenge the status quo. Undaunted takes us through the journey and helps us understand that even when we think it can’t be done, if you can believe it, you can achieve it!”
– Ronnie Lott, NFL Hall of Fame Legend San Francisco 49ers & Founder of All Stars Helping Kids

“Many people are dreamers, but Kara Goldin is also a doer. Reflecting on her impressive career as an underdog who beat the odds, she shows how entrepreneurs can build better products, marketers can build better brands, and leaders can build better companies.”
– Adam Grant, New York Times bestselling author of ORIGINALS and GIVE AND TAKE, and host of the chart-topping TED podcast WorkLife

“Kara explains how entrepreneurship really works: fear, uncertainty, doubt, rejection, and ultimately perseverance. Do yourself a favor and read Undaunted if you think entrepreneurship is cool, fun, and easy.”
– Guy Kawasaki, Chief evangelist of Canva, creator of the Remarkable People podcast, and former chief evangelist of Apple

“Kara has written a fascinating, entertaining and inspiring tale of what it takes to go from nothing to something great.”
– Gregg Renfrew, Founder & CEO, Beautycounter

“Kara is a masterful entrepreneur that figures out HOW to make the impossible happen. When other’s quit, she proceeds and makes it look easy. The lessons in Undaunted will undoubtedly make you feel like you need to go build something too.”
– Roland Frasier, Co-Founder, + BusinessLunch Podcast

“Kara Goldin’s story about building a company in the wellness industry is a terrific chronicle about how well-being is front and center in people’s everyday life. Kara is making impact as a businesswoman, a leader and a health activist. She is Undaunted.”
– Nancy Brown

“Kara's leadership is a shining example for women who are aspiring to be and do more.  Whether in business, social impact, or women's empowerment, Kara is trailblazer, and Undaunted provides a vulnerable, courageous, honest look at what it takes to build something that truly matters."
– Shiza Shahid, Cofounder Our Place & Malala Fund

“Grit and resourcefulness define the best founders I've known and that's why I was the first investor in Hint and their biggest cheerleader throughout the company's amazing story. Read Undaunted and you’ll be inspired by Kara Goldin to discover within yourself the intensity and determination that are the primary requirements for success.”
– Geoff Ralston, President, Y Combinator

“Undaunted is a perfect read for anyone who is motivated by pushing boundaries and who dreams of one day disrupting an industry. Goldin shows us how it's done.”
– Alison Levine, team captain of the first American Women's Everest Expedition and NY Times bestselling author of On the Edge

“If you are looking for lessons on how to get through tough times, or a pandemic, there is no better person from whom to learn. She inspires.”
– Kerrie D MacPherson, Board Director, Retired EY Partner and Executive Sponsor of EY Entrepreneurial Winning Women

“Kara Goldin is an unstoppable force. Not because she lacks fear, but because she moves forward despite her fear and perseveres in the face of challenges. I’m buying Undaunted for my kids because I want them to see that with the right attitude and a lot of work, they can handle whatever life throws their way. What a great book for these unsettling times!”
– Jenny Johnson, CEO, Franklin Templeton Investments

Hardcover Details
  • 10/2020
  • 978-1400220281
  • 232 pages
  • $24.99