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Zerry Greenwood
Undeliverable: Addressee Deceased
Mary Anne needs to get away from the coal dust-covered streets of Scranton, her underfed and underfoot lifelong friend Ravlen, and her bobble-brained sister Bobby Sue. Leaving her home and heading to the Rocky Mountains to marry a man she did not know seemed, at the time, to be a reasonable means to her end. However, the best-laid plans and all are not always the reality of things. Her annoying shadow Ravlen, with his red hair, freckles, and flabby worm kisses, now looked like a knight in shining armor. In Idaho, the crepey withered old hand of her betrothed’s sister Emma drug her to the altar with a signed contract and a threat to have her imprisoned. To Mary Anne’s dismay, this evil dried-out old hag was her fiancé’s twin. Cripes is the word you are looking for here. For all that is holy, could this mercifully be a nightmare?