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Under Siege: Black Muslim Down Under
Under Siege: Black Muslim Down Under is a memoir that chronicles the life of professional journalist Sulaiman Abdur-Rahman as it gives the gripping account on why he walked away from his high-profile journalism career in the United States to migrate to Sydney, Australia. Drawing upon his life experience and writing from his perspective as an African-American Muslim, Sulaiman Abdur-Rahman uses his hard-hitting journalism style, backed with compelling evidence, to explain why the Commonwealth of Australia is a culturally challenged nation that offers a lower quality of life and lesser opportunities for advancement than the United States of America. The narrative inevitably touches upon the religion of Islam and the global fight against the Islamic State international terrorist group. At its core, Under Siege: Black Muslim Down Under is an unprecedented story about faith, love, adversity, and romance as it explores how the author's interracial marriage took him on a 10,000-mile journey from Philadelphia to Sydney to help care for his sick father-in-law.