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Lexie Talionis
Unfated Mates

Fate is a cruel mistress...

Wandering deep into the winter woods to escape her mother's boyfriend, Nat fears she may have run from one horror only to be devoured by another when she stumbles upon a terrifying giant of a wolf. But her fear quickly turns to concern for the enormous creature who is so gentle with her, and she looks for ways to care for him.

Caleb is captivated by the soft girl with wounded eyes who so quickly recovers from her fright only to frustrate him to no end when she insists on bringing him scraps of food that he doesn't need and she clearly does! But when his frustration pushes him to shift into his human form, he discovers the most tender of feelings pulling him irresistibly toward her...and a burning pain inside that fights to keep him away.

Fate has other plans for Caleb. Too bad Caleb doesn't let anyone tell him what to do...