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Unforgettable You

Adult; Romance; (Market)

A frustrated author recently jilted by her fiancée, Diana wants a life do-over. What she needs is a change of scenery and she just might find that in Starlight Hill. But when Diana is the victim of a fire and rescued by her teenage crush, she’ll be forced to remind her heart frequently that she’s sworn off men. Tough and wild Scott has changed from his days as a love ‘em and leave ‘em type, making it difficult for Diana to remember why she gave up on love in the first place … Scott is an adrenaline-junkie firefighter with a wild past until a painful mistake changed his life forever. When Diana’s rescue is filmed and goes viral, his first instincts are to protect and fix. There’s something about being around Diana that makes him feel human again, and like he can be the man she believes he is. The kind of man she deserves. But first he’ll have to forgive himself … Can these two trust each other enough to leave the past behind and find happily ever after in the small town of Starlight Hill?
Plot/Idea: 4 out of 10
Originality: 3 out of 10
Prose: 5 out of 10
Character/Execution: 4 out of 10
Overall: 4.00 out of 10


In this cliché small-town contemporary romance, two protagonists who see themselves as unworthy almost let true love pass them by. He feels guilty over a war buddy’s suicide; she cannot see herself as desirable because he stood her up 12 years earlier (when she was 16).  Their repetitively negative self-talk gets old fast, and the townsfolk are both quirky and meddlesome, an overly-cute combination. The main characters need further development for this book to be a truly satisfying read.

Date Submitted: June 01, 2016

Once Upon an Alpha

I absolutely loved this story! When Diana (a romance writer) tries to set the mood of a romance novel by wearing a skimpy nightie she never imagines that she would fall asleep and the hotel she is staying in would catch fire. She tries to get out but passes out and is saved by Scott a guy who lives for the thrill of life. Well of course someone films it and it goes viral, Diana came to make sure her grandmother doesn’t get put in a home not to be a sex film star. When Scott comes to see Diana in the hospital she realizes who he is but he doesn’t recognize her. They have a bit of history that Diana is not likely to forget but she is here to convince her mother that her grandmother is sane and that’s what she sets out to do. Scott feels he has to prove something to himself because he feels responsible and has no real feelings which is why he does a lot of thrill seeking. The stuff that Diana and her grandmother do have me giggling off and on and it’s a really good story. It’s really a funny love story and I love how I felt reading this story and it makes me wonder what the other Starlight Hill books are like.

Stacy is Sassy Book Reviews

I nearly didn’t read Unforgettable You. Unfortunately, I’d put on my Judgey McJudgement hat after hearing that Ms Bell wrote “clean” books. Look I’m sure there’s nothing wrong with reading “clean” books, but for me I like to see the connection between the characters and sexy times is just one of those connections (wink, wink). Another case where I freely admit I was WRONG!! Ms Heatherly Bell (such a sweet and innocent sounding name) can write smutty, smut with the best of them. There were showers, floors, walls, lakes and even a bed…of a truck, used for their shenanigans. If this is clean…I’ve been mislead. Don’t get me wrong, this is not hard core smut, this is just real. He gets excitable…she gets excitable…they get excitable…together.

Thought of a Blonde book reviews

A sexy, sweet romance of rediscovering a past connection and not letting it slip through your fingers the second time around.

Van Gone Rogue Book Reviews

How would you feel if your ex-boyfriend of six years is getting married to a girl he just met and dumped you like as if six years is just six seconds?! And here’s the catch, you got an invitation to that dang wedding! The nerve of that j*rk eh? Why did I ask? Well, it’s because that’s how Diana’s (main female character) story started. Diana is a creative writing major graduate and a daughter of a bridal shop owner in Los Angeles where she actually work too. But because of what happened, she decided to go to Starlight Hill for a change of scenery and also to prove to her mom that her granny doesn’t need to be put up to a home care. And who would have thought that staying on a small town of Starlight Hill, is where she can find her happiness which ofcourse constitutes to a true love.

This book is so dang good that I even forgot how drained and stressed I am that day while reading it. It started so fun that it erases all of my life troubles and just circle my world around this story. I know, I sounded so cheesy, but I really can’t help it. I love how it was a refreshing read and dang! I even finished it in just, well again, one lying (in bed). Which also turned out an all nighter, haha. (hello there eyebags)

What I also noticed about this book is that it was so properly written. I love the words and phrases the author used here because you can read it without interruptions at all. What I mean is that, she uses very easy to comprehend words that you don’t need to clutch a dictionary with you. And the plot of this story is so brilliant. I haven’t encountered a book that has the same plot with it, so it’s really refreshing to me. The executions of lines and scenes we’re flaw free and it’s not that hard to imagine the story especially its characters. (currently imagining Scott urging me to undress him, haha dirty thoughts)

For its characters, I don’t have any complaints at all. I adore Scott (main male character) and the author also made me fall deeply in love with him! She’s actually the third english author that made me feel this ecstatic towards its main male character. (if you’re a constant reader of my blog, I know you knew who’s that first and the second authors are) And of Diana? Well, what can I say? I just love this girl and I love how witty and bossy she could get. She’s also selfless, strong and you know what I like about her character? She’s not like other female lead that is too perfect. She’s all nice but she also has some flaws, and I really like how realistic it is. I love that both of the characters have their share of dreadful past that they are trying to overcome or should I say forget and move on. And what I also love about this story is that it doesn’t have too many characters that could overwhelm you. I can even proudly say that I know who’s from who. Isn’t this book so nice?!

This book isn’t just about romance, it also tackle a lot of issues in life especially with family and career. I love how meaty this story is and really provides a lot to its readers. This isn’t just your typical love story, it’s so good that I can’t even describe or convince you how good it is. Well, isn’t the blazing five star rating above isn’t a good evidence at all ? Read this story and be ready to fall in love….hard.