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Bear Wade
Unify Your Marketing
Bear Wade, author
This guide will help your business soar! As a business owner, it is overwhelming to grow your company. Marketing can be time-consuming, costly, and full of heartache. You have no plan, guidance, or real direction. That is about to change. Unify Your Marketing is for you, the business owner, who is ready to grow their company with a proven plan. Using the Unify Brand Steps as a guide, this book is full of expertise, case studies, and guided exercises that move you through the steps and prepare you for success. It doesn't matter if you are a B2B or B2C industry, a solopreneur, or a multi-million dollar company, this proven system works. You'll learn how to take charge of your marketing by working with your team and speaking the lingo to get exactly what you need from designers, consultants, and freelancers. Get a notebook, your computer, and a pen. We're diving in. It is time to UNIFY your company.