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Kent Flowers
Union Rules
Kent Flowers, author
When a small, unmanned observation craft from the Builders planet landed just outside the factory gates and took Arlin the guard into space, his life would be altered forever. The Builders gave him the gift of super intelligence and extensive knowledge. They wanted something in return for that. What they wanted was the use of the factory to build things for them. Even though they were called the Builders, they in fact built nothing themselves, relying on other worlds for their expertise and labor. Arlin's job was to be a liaison to the factory, since the Builder's never left their planet, relying on local Envoy's like him to speak for them. Planet Cold Blue was a factory world, with most of the population living and working inside a city sized mega factory. It was a self-contained facility, growing its own food and producing its own power, and run by Union management. Most of the population lived there, but not all. A few remained on the outside. Exiled prisoners from a planet known only as the home world, and a small native population also lived in the region, and from them Arlin sought the laborers he needed for the factory. They would not go willingly, and some would fight the forces that tried to enslave them. A revolution was born, and the fate of the planet rested on the outcome.