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Unlawful Games
Adam Klein, author
Does anyone really know the truth about their lives? Sal Amici thinks he does. He is a successful defense attorney for one of the largest firms in New York City and is on the path to becoming partner. He has a wife that adores him and two children that mean the world to him. He has just won the biggest case of his life and is excited about what the future holds. That is until his client commits a gruesome murder the day after he was set free. Sean Lancaster is a self-made multi-millionaire and one of the biggest philanthropists in New York City, but he also has multiple secrets. His entire family has just been murdered and he has been arrested for the crime. He can only think of one person he wants to represent him- Sal Amici. Unsure why he was requested, Sal reluctantly accepts the case. What follows over the next few months will turn Sal's world upside. What secrets does Sean have? Will Sal find out why he was chosen? Whatever the answers are, Sal will soon learn a valuable lesson- don't trust anyone.