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Unopened, an intriguing volume of previously published and unpublished poetry, is Doug Hoekstra’s latest and third book. Among its fifty-seven selections, the reader will find poems that rhyme, poems that don’t, prose poems, sedokas, and yes, even an obligatory sonnet. Some are personal; some are societal. Some look inward, some look outward. Throughout the reader is invited to connect and reflect. Unopened is divided into three selections to allow the works to cross-pollinate and the reader to choose his or her adventure -- “On the Page” (themes close to home), “Off the Canvas” (out in to the world), and “Between the Notes” (the space between, the indefinable). Hoekstra’s introduction sets the tone for this journey, but the reader sets the course. Unopened also features Hoekstra’s original artwork on the front and back covers, taken from a series of collages created to reflect the content of the book. As he says in the afterword, the art and prose both reveal themselves “as a collection of fragments—memory, imagination, anticipation—broken, reassembled, and made whole.”

Ink 19

“…sudden enlightenment…in its pages there lies a moment of recognition for most likely every reader willing to take the time to discover.  Kudos to Doug Hoekstra for allowing me to recall the time the world changed.” 

Midwest Book Review

“…an inherently engaging, entertaining, thoughtful and thought-provoking read from a unique and impressively talented wordsmith of an author, Unopened is unreservedly recommended…”

Odd and Bookish

"4 stars...subtle...enjoyable...unique" 

Pennyblack Music UK

“Unopened is a reminder of how good a writer Doug Hoekstra is. As heartbreaking as it is often hilarious, it chronicles life, as Hoekstra’s songs also have done, with matter-of-fact honesty and realism.”