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Unplugged: Hundreds of Activities for Teens to Do Without a Screen
Paul Walker, author
Almost every parent wants their children to spend less time on their phones, computers or in front of the television. At the same time, kids actually get bored with video games and social media. Our new book, Unplugged: Hundreds of Things for Teenagers to do Without a Screen will appeal to both parents and kids. This book has three broad categories. The first section suggests lists of activities that young people can do, from cooking to earning money. The second includes things that kids should know about, like how to avoid being poor, how to negotiate, how to tell if someone is lying, and other important life skills. The third is similar to the second, only more focused on health. We realize that some of the sections are simply long lists, so at the bottom we have added “activities” which serve as hints or jumping off points for that particular list. Occasionally you’ll see the heading “Alternatively” in which a different approach can be taken to an activity.