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Deborah Dunleavy
Unsayable Absence ISBN 9781039112483
UNSAYABLE ABSENCE by Deborah Dunleavy In the dusk of a disaster, Una McFadden is faced with indescribable pain and uncertainty in the middle of the Great Depression. She finds herself grieving in an asylum, wondering if she will ever see her children again. As a child growing up on the outskirts of society in the early 1900s, Una faces the hardships of backwoods life. Her only refuge is in the arms of the elderly Rachel Little Feathers whom she calls Nokomis or grandmother. As she grows, Una forges her own path, becoming friends with Eva Stanton the town suffragette, who guides Una towards a life of passion and independence. While working in a munitions factory during World War I, Una is thrust again into a new life. Worried about her brothers fighting overseas and her family back at home, she forges friendships with the other women and gives her love to a soldier who is called to serve with the Railway Troops. Unsayable Absence is an enduring historical novel of love and loss during the early years of the twentieth century. Readers who enjoy early Canadian history and the ever-changing roles of women in Canada will marvel at the adventures and challenges facing Una McFadden. Available through FriesenPress, Amazon, Barnes & Nobel and more. E-Book ISBN 9781039112506 Paperback ISBN 9781039112483 Hard Cover ISBN 9781039112490 Target Audience: Baby Boomers. Readers of Romance, History, Women’s Studies, Munition Factories, World War I, The Great Depression, Railway Life.