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Pippa Grant
Until It Was Love
Pippa Grant, author
There are a million reasons why I shouldn’t date Fletcher Huxley. He’s a growly-faced, stubborn-streaked, international rugby legend trying to revive his flailing career in the US after being canned by his team overseas. While he might have the good kind of thunder thighs, intriguing tattoos, and a booty of steel, he also holds the top position on my very short nemesis list thanks to what happened the first time we met. Plus, his mustache is as terrible as the reason he’s picked me to be the woman he wants to date. But he has one big checkmark in the "why this date is a good idea" column: he’s my brother’s new teammate. They already hate each other. And my brother has made an unfortunate habit of interfering with my love life recently. So a revenge date with Fletcher to make my brother mad? While letting Fletcher think this date is merely for the good of the team? Yep. I’m in. I’m moving to London for work in a month. And it’s just one date. What could possibly go wrong? Until It Was Love is a banter-tastic romcom featuring an overgrown snack of a man with a soft spot for his purse dog, a normally optimistic life coach trying to live her best life, a mustache catastrophe, and one little tiny fainting spell. It stands alone and comes complete with a swoony happily ever after that will leave your heart in a happy puddle of joy.