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Pooja Singh
Until The Cold Is Gentle
Pooja Singh, author

Adult; Poetry; (Market)

‘Until The Cold Is Gentle’ is an emotionally raw debut poetry collection that explores concepts like love, loss, grief, dysfunctional families, toxic friendships, mental health, the feeling of not fitting in the world, and the last section is about living and loving life, despite all. In this deeply intimate poetry collection, you will experience the most vulnerable depths of the human experience that you may not have personally lived, but you will feel it. This book is not about happy endings, healing, rainbows and sunflowers. This book is about life; the imperfect, flawed, and behind-the-curtain side of life. About the phase before the healing. A section of the poetry collection deeply delves into how a dysfunctional family affects the lives of children. It challenges the worldview of the reader and gives them an imagery of the experience. The poems won’t give you advice but will keep you company and you will feel less alone, like a friend we all need when we just need to be heard. The poetry collection is divided into ten sections that explore different themes but it’s all linked. The sections are not in a sequence in which a story unfolds, but they are the many doors of a house. Each with a story of its own.