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Until the Day Breaks
Paula Scott, author
Rachel Tyler arrives in California just in time for the Bear Flag Revolt of 1846. Though already engaged to marry in Massachusetts, Rachel’s father arranges her betrothal to Roman Vasquez, a blue-blooded son of the gente de razón, the ruling class of California. As the Yankee rebels raise their bear flag in Sonoma square, the last thing Roman wants is an arranged marriage to the American daughter of his enemy Joshua Tyler. But his Uncle Pedro, the Patrón of the family, has other plans. Neither Rachel nor Roman desire this unlikely engagement, but cannot escape the passion flaming between them as war looms on the horizon and bitter rivals rise up to destroy them amid the breathtaking backdrop of the last days of the Californios. Until the Day Breaks is the first book in the sweeping saga of California Rising, a tale of love, intrigue, and destiny, where passionate men and women lay the foundation of the Golden State with their very lives.