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Utopia Project- The Frayed Threads of Hope
Billy Dering, author

Adult; Sci-Fi/Fantasy/Horror; (Publish)

With the earth in ruins, a small survivor group from New Jersey, led by Kid Carlson, is racing towards Vermont in a desperate attempt to save Evelyn Hyland. After the daring rescue of a survivor on a snowy mountain peak, the group is confronted by a swarm of Utopia Project mercenaries around Rutland, Vermont. Kid and his group go on the run and are chased south, back to the coast of New Jersey. After a shocking revelation, survivor Heidi Leer relives a traumatic incident from her past and begins a dark evolution. She joins up with the Utopia Project and through deception and betrayal, she discovers that the band of survivors is now hiding on an island. The survivor group is trapped and ambushed, and their numbers dwindle as they are pounded by waves of Utopia Project forces. All hope seems lost when Kid and his friend Jess Kellen finally arrive and try to turn the tide of battle, but is it too late for them, and humanity?