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Vanishing Twin
Scarlett and Jade Jennings, conjoined twins fused at the pelvis, share everything from the waist down. Born to a Bulgarian teen with a drug addiction, the sisters were given up at birth to be raised in a treacherous orphanage and then adopted at the age of three by an American couple. Now motivational speakers and New York Times bestselling authors, the two make a daring move—to the glittering lights of Las Vegas. Their structured world unravels following their introduction to shadowy magician Sebastian Cole. Even after Scarlett discovers that Vegas’s most sought-after illusionist is rumored to possess demonic powers and that his own mother tried to kill him, she finds herself drawn to him. But for Scarlett to be with Sebastian, Jade must be appeased. Yet self-centered Jade, unstable and increasingly aggressive, only fuels the shadows that have plagued Sebastian since his birth.