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AJO THOMAS, author
Presently homestay have incredible interest in the Kerala. A large portion of the visitors originated from outside Kerala particularly outsiders are presently favoring homestays than different mediums like inns and hotels. Since now the life is so occupied and bunches of furious works are doing individuals dailey , so individuals lean toward going for the refreshment and unwinding. Homestays are progressively appropriate for this conditions since it have more normal substance than different administrations. Due to Kerala is one of the main visitors place on the planet bunches of individuals are visiting the spot ordinary. The Varkala homestay Casa Eva Luna is one of the celebrated sea shore homestay arranged in Varkala. The varkala beach homestay is giving different affiliations like yoga retreat classes ,ayurveda retreat, and so on additionally we are giving the kerala types sustenances besides all different sorts of sustenance sources as appeared by the clients wish. The ubiquity of homestays are expanding standard considering the way that the homestays are verymuch identified with the way of life of that identify that we are remaining.