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Alex Finley
Victor in Trouble
Alex Finley, author
When case officer Victor Caro arrives in Rome for his retirement tour, he and his family anticipate a three-year joy ride filled with good food, even better wine, and all the cultural wonders the Eternal City has to offer. But when Russia’s intelligence services help install a new American president, Victor finds himself in a national security nightmare. He and his team must race from Rome to Moscow to Washington, fending off an American senator clamoring to ride a Russian bear and a Russian honeypot who shoots guns in stiletto heels. At the same time, scooter-riding assassins are threatening his source, who infiltrates a family values conference packed with prostitutes. All the while, a massive disinformation machine funded by an oligarch with yacht envy wreaks havoc around them. Can Victor protect his source but still battle the bureaucrats breathing down his neck? And can he protect America from a president who shares his intelligence briefings with a Russian matryoshka doll? Victor quickly realizes there will be no coasting to the retirement finish line. This tour is going to be trouble.