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David Mullaly
Viking Warlord: A Saga of Thorkell the Great
Thorkell inn ha′vi is a rarity during the late Viking Period. He is an old Dane who has survived many raids and two invasions, and he has lived to tell about battlefield triumphs, family dishonor, the defiance of a king, personal banishment, and being named regent of a country--twice. His only remaining desire is for his name and deeds to live on in the sagas of the Norse people, so he will share his story with his family and a famous story-teller. Then he wants to die with a sword in his hand. This is an historical novel that reflects everything that we actually know about the man, an extraordinary individual who ultimately has to deal with aging and his own mortality. He’s always been able to plan and anticipate the future, but he may come to understand that accepting the unexpected is the biggest challenge.