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Voyage into Darkness Book one: Callings
It began with the vision. Vhyernor foresaw the coming holocaust; a terrible calamity delivered upon the land of Trustrum. Forced to act, the grand wizard rallies his allies to make ready for what appears imminent. And yet, even these measures may be insufficient, for the enemy wields magic that is eons old; an arcane power that far surpasses his own formidable skills. Dorian, Nora and Rugan are seasoned warriors all. Hailing from different quarters, they are definitely strangers to the city, as well as to each other. They do, however, arrive in Pirril within hours of each other. A coincidence perhaps, yet their seemingly coordinated appearance is viewed with fair significance by at least one set of interested eyes. The young trapper, Cail Brightfield, is drawn to the metropolis by his own desires, seeking a change for himself. He has plans in store but, even these are interrupted by peculiar events that quickly unfold around him. As the storm clouds gather, some will be called upon to stand against the Darkness. If they should fail, all of Trustrum will pay dearly.