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Kelly Applegate
Waiting for Liz
Waiting for Liz is Angela Kelly’s third novel, currently in production with JMS What began as a taboo sexual encounter blossoms into a love affair that goes on to span a decade. The trials and tribulations of the narrative are shot through with flashbacks from the protagonist’s life. Through them, and observing how Angela operates within her relationship with Liz and others, the story of how a person becomes what and who they are begins to emerge. As with Angela Kelly’s previous books, the themes of addiction and recovery are present. However, in this new work she has expanded her reach of literary tropes, both classic and experimental. There are deeply rich layers of psychological introspection, exploring the mental landscapes of love, trauma, and spiritual growth. A love story to be sure, but not one for the faint of heart or idyllically romantic. Waiting for Liz shows the brutal and often grueling process of investing in relationship regardless of outcome, alongside the arduousness of emotional development.