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Waiting in the Dark
P.R. Maxey, author
After scraping up the courage to break up with her abusive boyfriend, gossip flares, people take sides, and Lorien Cruz is quickly targeted as the school pariah. But no one knows of the abuse Lorien silently endured while she was with Chase, and she can’t tell anyone because they’ll never believe her. Because, in the tiny, sleepy town of Rayne Haven, Maine, Chase Barton is the “it” guy. He is the captain of the football team, Homecoming King, and every parent’s favorite guy. Chase isn’t the type to let her go that easy. When Lorien can’t shake the feeling she’s being watched, she worries Chase has become a ghost in the shadows. But when a brutal attack rocks the school, Lorien fears that Chase has crossed the line from stalker to attempted murderer, and if so, will she be next? How far will he go to make her his again? Or is he out to make sure no one else can have her?