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Waking the Dead, Part II

Adult; Mystery/Thriller; (Market)

~A Novella~ ~Now a Bestseller in three categories on Kindle ~ Inspired by TRUE EVENTS. In the Spring of 1867, Henry Lynch was tormented by something so evil it killed him. Now over one hundred years later, Natalie Bradford finds herself battling the very same demon that haunted Henry Lynch on the property that she now calls home. The 150-year old cabin holds the truth behind the hauntings, and as Natalie uncovers the past, she exposes a terrifying family secret that has been guarded for over a century. As Natalie becomes a conduit for paranormal activity, she struggles against forces greater than herself until she summons the help of Clara Adams, a natural healer and medium who performs a cleansing ritual to clear the land. During a final showdown with the demon, the truth behind the hauntings is revealed. Inspired by true events, Waking the Dead, is the second part in the series, The Haunting of Natalie Bradford. Remember, denial can be deadly. Are you next?
Feather Burns

Suspenseful and tense, Fisher grabs you from the first few pages in this spooky ride.  Based on actual events, her great feel for the local culture and well drawn characters pull you into this true story and doesn't let you go until the last page.  Really enjoyable read! ~ Feather Burns, Owner of Woody's Steakhouse, a Robert Irvine's Restaurant Impossible Pick and formerly known as the HISTORIC REX PLAZA where Natalie's story all began...