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Waldwick Series - Driftless
Driftless: What a funny word! Seek it out in a dictionary and it simply does not exist. When one hears or reads the word “driftless” what can you think? A word so unique, so different and almost unheard of in everyday life. For many, driftless elicits thoughts of having no direction or without aim…even concepts of the lack of purpose come to mind. Set in Wisconsin Driftless revisits the lives of George Terrill and his wife fifteen years into their marriage. Reflecting on the challenges they face when their marriage becomes mundane while examining the profound question “which is worse… having nothing or everything.” Read along as “Driftless” examines the consequence of technology and the power of special interest groups to control the status-quo for their financial gain, while addressing the issue of individual rights in time of personal need where the one thing all people have in common is … time!