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Andrea Thome, author

Can broken hearts risk love again?  India's life has always gone according to plan.  But when she decides to call off her high-profile wedding and take time off from her network television job, everything turns upside down.  A tranquil resort in the moody Smoky Mountains of Tennessee was supposed to be a place she could hide out and lick her wounds.  Instead she finds herself questioning everything she ever thought she wanted.  

Wyatt is a man with scars that run deep.  He's built a careful life for himself, and he has no intention of letting anyone get close to him...again.  

But what happens when two people who are running away from love run right into one another?  WIll the intense chemistry they feel be enough to overpower their fears?  Or will their time together in the Smoky Mountains end with broken hearts?




Amazon-NDP Book Review

"This book is intoxicating! No amount of filtration can dilute what Andrea has created. Walland is an incredible story of fate, passion, and love reborn."