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Sara Robinson
Walter is a dog whose curiosity and bravery lead him to jump his backyard fence and leave the only world he’s ever known. He embarks upon an adventure that forces him to question his old life as he faces fear and uncertainty when taken to the dog pound. Walter is innocent and naïve but soon learns how challenging real life can be. His journey helps him trust and love again when his ancestral connection with humans is revived after meeting his forever family. This story will appeal to animal advocates of all ages as it explores the issues of pet adoption and responsible ownership. It is a trip of introspection and self-discovery, with a motivational message of courage, hope, and faith. Walter was inspired by a true story Walter tells you what his journey was like as he escaped a not-so-great life and eventually finds his way to his fabulous fur-ever home. This animal rescue story is told from Walter's point of view. It is primarily geared for mid-elementary age kiddos, but it's a beautifully told story readers of any age will be charmed by. "I'm an educator. I believe that educating future generations will ensure many more responsable and loving pet owners". Sara Robinson