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WANTED: Eight Critical Skills You Need To Succeed!

Adult; Self-Help; (Market)

Achieving success for ourselves and for our children has never been more difficult in this highly competitive world. WANTED: Eight Critical Skills You Need To Succeed defines and explains the eight critical skills that are needed to succeed - for our own careers and for our children. Based on extensive research from real world hiring practices, the author addresses the following questions: •\tWhat skills make people successful in their careers? •\tWhat skills do YOU need - and your CHILDREN need - to be successful in any career? •\tHow do these skills fit into your own career management strategy? •\tHow can you build a career strategy around these skills as your foundation? •\tWhat can you or students do to learn these skills? •\tHow are these skills taught in our schools - if at all? •\tHow are these skills measured? •\tWhat skills do your employees need to make your business successful? •\tHow can you determine the critical skills for your company? The purpose of this book is to answer these questions for individuals who are pursuing career success, for students who wonder what they must learn in order to be competitive in the real world, for business leaders who know that building a talented group of employees is the recipe for business success, and for teachers who are dedicated to the education of their students and preparing them for successful lives not only in their careers but as productive citizens.