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Andrew Diamond
Warren Lane

Susan Moore is about to hire the wrong man to investigate her philandering husband, Will. There's something not quite right about that detective, but he's all she has at the moment. 

"Warren Lane" drinks too much and has a hard time staying out of trouble. He's just the kind of guy Will's mistress can't resist. And everyone is starting to figure out that Will is hiding a lot more than his affair with a reckless young woman.

Everything Noir

This book is for fans of Elmore Leonard stories and Coen Brother's movies... Grab a copy if you are looking for a fun read from a new author. This story will take you on an enjoyable ride worth the price of admission.

WARREN LANE is a charming comedy of errors, with a good heart and a light touch... The plot has enough unexpected surprises to keep things interesting until the very last page, upending all the characters' lives with mischievous delight not unmixed with sympathy.

Warren Lane on Readers' Favorite

Warren Lane is a quirky, intriguing and wholly original read. It's beautifully written and expertly plotted, and I had a grand time reading it. Warren Lane is most highly recommended.